28 Januari, 2009

About Web Hosting

Want to have a website? If current this website is not more foreign goods, can be spelled website is land even food. In making the website there are 2 components that need to be prepared, that is the domain and web hosting. Domain is the name and address of a website, for example namedomain.com. So what is Web Hosting? Web Hosting is also called the Web Server is the room (space or domain) in the Internet. So that we can enter our website in the Internet, then we must have room in the first Internet. Once we have the Internet in the room, then we can enter our website to the Internet (in the room that we have had before). So that we can have the room, then we have to buy to a Web hosting company, you can buy to the company Web Hosting on the Internet.

On the Internet there are a lot of Web hosting companies, and each provides Web Hosting prices vary (depending on the facilities that they provide), and the price depends on the capacity of the room you want. The bigger the room you want, and then the price will be more expensive. In addition, the price also depends on the domain name you want. For example: .Com more expensive than .Net, .Org, .co.id and others. With room to buy, the Internet address will be like this for example, www [dot] mysitebusiness [dot] com or www [dot] mysitebusiness [dot] net or the other.

If you want to create a website, please feel free to explore some sites that adopt some of the web hosting tutorials (takes example in webhostingrating.com). The next step is to design a Website with FrontPage or other, and then enter it into your server. For beginners with little computer skills can create your own homepage, of course not be separated from some of the discourse that we can get in the web hosting articles and web hosting tutorials that are available.

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  1. wahhh ada bau-bau menyegarkan nih disini.sukses om benny :D

  2. Nice article. Berkaitan dengan scripting untuk hosting, hati-hati kalau membeli script di Gempar.com, karena ternyata penipu dan scriptnya sengaja disisipkan backdoor.

    Untuk lebih jelasnya silakan kunjungi http://gempurgempar.blogspot.com ada script gratis seharga Rp. 400.000 yang bisa didownload di sana.

  3. omz kasih tips dong klo milih webhosting yang bagus keyek mana liat dari bandwithnya..kapasitas hostingnya atau fasilitas apanya? btw mantab omz sukses ya omz


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