13 Januari, 2009

Bad Credit Loan Shop

Written today is a poor credit loan people site called Bad Credit Loan Shop, of course, its business is foreign-oriented. Abroad in the credit system is much more than domestic perfect, so if a person is relatively poor credit can easily hit a snag when the loan. Through the Bad Credit Loan Shop, even poor credit, can also receive a number of loans, perhaps for some people, really helpful.

But my feeling, so that the business will inevitably accompanied by higher fees, so less than a last resort, or do not use. Credit really needs this thing very carefully, whether foreign or domestic. It is best not to mess up, otherwise the financial situation will only become increasingly worse. I have three credit cards, a month before the final repayment will be paying the money I will surely drop. In use for more than two years after Indonesian Merchants Bank sent me proof of credit (of course, should now also see).

To maintain good credit, the most important thing is not to uncontrolled consumption ahead. If the next month to 10000 revenue, and that with a credit card to buy a notebook no problem; if they can only make 5000, or more than save you a few months of the will come

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  1. hehe... lancar yak ripiunya :)

  2. @My Journey : ripeunya sich lancar cuma grammarnya yang ancur.. keke


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