07 Januari, 2009

Active Directory Service

Active Directory service is one of service which is added value at windows server which has not there is completely at type network operating other system like Linux and FreeBSD. Active Directory hardly good for managing small network until big with type windows operating system as its the client like condition mostly now there is in companies.

When you are creating a project it is important that you do it and use some management for the projects to be sure of a job well done for you. But, it’s not easy managing servers if you don't have a background on network administration. It's a good thing that the industry is already flooded with service-providers. Check out ensim.com. It's a good place to start for businesses who want quality implementation of Active Directory, Active Directory Management, Active Directory Tools, Exchange Management and Exchange Tools.

With the time and effort that you can save there will be more things that you can do for the presentation of your projects. . Visit the Ensim.com that offer the active directory and have the advantage of using it for your projects.

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wedew lancar nih om beni bisnisnya :D

Benny Andhika mengatakan...

thank you mr.Ipanks.. he ;)

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